The Real-time Simulation Of Natural Phenomena
--A general particle system built for wonderland

Qing Da1,  Jia Xu2,  Fanjiang Zeng3
Supervisor    Prof. Yanwen Guo4
Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University, China
csdaqing@gmail.com1 xujianjucs@gmail.com2,  caiji159@163.com3,



This project is funded by Sun-China Innovation Program which aims to encourage undergraduates' originality and creativity. The main goal of our group is to simulate several natural phenomena in wonderland. Wonderland is our super project, a 100% Java open source toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds. You may find more about it here.

Real-time simulation of natural phenomena, such as snowing, or raining, in a virtual environment has always been a hotspot in computer graphics and virtual reality. Such phenomena are universal in our daily life, however, they are usually difficult to model and render due to their uncertain shapes and complex physical properties. It is thus necessary, and to some extent significant, to explore the realtime realistic simulation of these natural phenomena in the Wonderland virtual world, which will make people feel that their avatars are walking through in a real outdoor world.

We have built a general particle system for wonderland, and used it to simulate several natural phenomena like rain, snow, and fire.etc. Other developers can easily use our work to built their phenomena satisfying their own needs in wonderland.

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We offer two documents for readers, one is the detailed technical report, the other is the slides which summarized this project. They can be downloaded at

Technical Report
Slides of Presentation at the CHIPS Oral Defense


Source Code

Here is the source codes of our project, you can get to know how to use them by reading Chapter Tutorial in our technical report.


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We also offer online videos to show the result of our project. Make sure you have adobe flash player installed in your computer. If you are an IE user, please allow to display the content when the warning appears.

Since the screem recorder always brings distortion, the best way to see the effect is to build the project and deploy it to the wonderland server, the detail can be found in our report.